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IT & Technology Law

When technology is your main business asset, you need a law firm that understands how to blend legal and business strategies in your business’ best interests. Our lawyers know technology and know business and that makes our law firm a good partner for any business.


As IT lawyers we focus on internet business. 

Pure Business Law represents technology companies and other owners of intellectual property at every stage of business from start-ups to established businesses. 

We are experienced in:


  • Negotiating, advising on and drafting computer software and hardware licences and transfers.

  • Negotiating, advising on and drafting website branding and developing agreements, transfer and licensing agreements.

  • Negotiating, advising on and drafting service level agreements and other tech and IT contracts.

  • Drafting website terms and conditions, e- commerce contracts, privacy policies and disclaimers.

  • Intellectual property commercialisation

  • Trademark Litigation


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