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Optional Hourly Rates

Hourly Rates

Pure Business Law is a fixed fee business and commercial law firm. Transparency and fixed fee billing plans are at the core of our business. We offer flexible fixed fee pricing plans to all our clients. However, we also offer optional hourly rates where required by clients and where it is not always easy to decipher what work will be needed, for example on contentious matters. Our optional hourly rated payment plans are designed to suit each client’s specific needs.


We also offer blended rates across the law firm that accommodates our most junior and senior rates depending on the legal adviser assisting with a view to using the most cost-effective model with a view to keeping costs down for our clients.


We always discuss pricing in detail in advance.


We help you get the result you want, on time and on budget.


Our pricing information is provided in our Preliminary scope of fee services letter and in our Client care letters/Letters of Engagement.


 Our price information includes the following:


  • A total cost for any matter on which instructed or an average range of costs

  • The basis of our charges and details of our hourly or fixed fee rates as appropriate

  • Disbursements and other associated costs

  • Clarity on whether VAT is included.


Our optional hourly rates are as follows (exclusive of VAT):





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