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PBL Affiliate Program


Unlock your earning potential by becoming a PBL Affiliate partner today




What is it? With our Affiliate program partners can earn a commission for every sale that is generated from their unique referral code.


Who benefits? Everyone! Clients who quote a partner’s unique code will receive 5% off their quoted fees whilst affiliate partners will receive 5% of the agreed fee excluding VAT.

How does it work? Affiliate partners who join the program will receive a unique referral code that they can share with their audience, customers’ and friends. If one of these people then procures a service from PBL and quotes the unique referral code, they – i.e. the client- will receive an immediate 5% preferential reduction off their quoted fee. On the conclusion of the matter, the affiliate partner will receive a payment of 5% of the total agreed fee (VAT exclusive) that their code has generated into their nominated bank account.

We provide you with a range of PBL branded marketing images and photos that includes your unique referral code for you to share digitally with your audience via Facebook, Email, Twitter, Blog, and website.

We will notify you every time your code is quoted by a prospective client in an enquiry, and then again when that enquiry turns into a paying client who is on-boarded.

For example: 

1) You, Mr. Smith, have a client who requires a review of a  Shareholder's Agreement. You refer them to PBL and give them your code (e.g SmithPBL01) which entitles them to 5% off their quoted fee.


2) They then call PBL and receive a quote of, say £750 plus VAT which is subsequently reduced by PBL to £712.50 plus VAT taking into account the Affiliate code that you have given.


3) We inform you that they have registered their enquiry quoting your code, and then once again when they are on-boarded as a paying client.


4) Once the matter has been concluded, we will inform you that the matter has been concluded and will provide you with details of the fee due to you, in this case, it will be £35.62 together with an estimated payout date which will be the following month.


5) On the payout date, you will receive £35.62 into your nominated bank account.  




Do you know a friend who would also like to join the program?

If you refer someone to our Affiliate Partner Program you also receive a 1% commission on every sale generated by them. 



Join the program today by completing the form below

For more information on how Pure Business Law processes your information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.


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