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Commercial Property and Planning Solicitors

Our commercial property solicitors advise landlords and tenants who are buying, selling or leasing property in the retail, building construction, office, industrial, leisure, travel and real estate sectors and in a variety of other business sectors. We also advise on the sale and acquisition of freehold commercial properties, development agreements and on planning and highway matters.

Our landlord and tenant solicitors can help with:

  • Selling and buying commercial property;

  • Letting a commercial property;

  • Planning and Highways;

  • Service of  notices under the Landlord and Tenants Acts, the Law of Property Acts and other property legislation; and

  • Commercial property dispute resolution.


Please see below for more details.

Sale and purchase of commercial property

Our commercial  property solicitors can assist with:

  • the sale and purchase of commercial property.

  • the grant of licences to assign, licence to sub-let, tenancy at will licence.

  • Investigating ownership and title to the property.

  • Carrying out searches.

  • Raising enquiries.

  • Auction sales and purchases.

  • Drafting sale and purchase agreements, rent deposit agreements and Authorised Guarantee Agreements (AGAs).

  • Negotiating the deal.

  • Registration of transactions at the Land Registry.

  • Option agreements.

  • Development agreements.

  • Promotion agreements.

  • Conditional Contracts.

  • Sales and Purchases of development land.

Service of Commercial


With an understanding of the Landlord and Tenant act 1954, our commercial property solicitors can assist you with the following: 

  • Notice of breach of covenants.

  • Break clause Notice.

  • Tenants agreement to exclude security of tenure.

  • Landlords notice to exclude security of tenure.

  • Section 25 Notice.

  • Section 26 Notice.

  • Section 146 Notice.

  • All other Notice under the Property Acts.

  • Licence to assign.

  • Licence to sub-let.

  • Licence for alterations.

Planning & Highways

Pure Business Law has lawyers specialising in Property, Planning and Highways who know the planning world and are adept at navigating through the laws, policies and regulations.  Our planning team works with landowners, developers, homeowners and housebuilders and can provide support on every aspect of the planning process from pre-application advice to advocacy at public enquiries.


Whether your project is a large development, a mixed-use scheme, a commercial site or a small housing development, our Planning and Highways solicitors can guide you through every stage of the planning process.


We are with you all the way!


We can support you through a project’s life cycle – from obtaining planning permission, obtaining funding, drafting contracts, listed building issues, highways, rights of way, and enforcement issues to preventing or managing disputes.

Our planning and highways solicitors can help you with:

  • Negotiating Planning Agreements and Unilateral Undertakings;

  • Advising on infrastructure issues and third party rights;

  • Submitting objections and alternative proposals;

  • Resisting Planning Enforcement;

  • Advising on Permitted Development Rights; and

  • Applying for Lawful Development Certificates. 

Letting a commercial property

Our commercial property lawyers can advise and negotiate Heads of Terms  for commercial leases; draft, review, advise on and  negotiate new lease agreements. Our solicitors can also assist with:

  • Applications for a new tenancy under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

  • Security of tenure for business tenants.

  • Co-working agreements.

  • Home office rental agreements.

  • Office sharing agreements.

  • Dealing with breaches of covenants.

  • Assignment of  a business lease.

  • Transfer of a business lease.

  • Difficult tenants.

  • Commercial property repair obligations.

  • Restrictive covenants.

  • Variations of leases.

  • Break clauses.

  • Licences.

  • Statutory declarations.

  • Subletting business premises.

  • Surrendering a lease.

  • Renewal of business tenancies.

  • Terminating commercial leases.

  • Changing the use of premises.

  • Advising on and preparing licenses to assign, licences to sublet, tenancy at will agreements,  authorised guarantee agreements (“AGAs”) and rent deposit deeds.

  • Registration of leases of over 7 years at the Land Registry.

  • Managing residential property.

  • Planning applications.

Commercial Property Dispute Resolution

Our conveyancing solicitors can help you with:

  • Problems with tenants

  • Lease renewal disputes

  • Rent reviews

  • Service of Section 25 and 26 notices

  • Service of Section 146 notices

  • Break clause notice

  • Service charges

  • Dilapidation claims

  • Development agreements

  • Options and pre-emption rights

  • Restrictive covenants

  • Illegal sub-letting

  • Forfeiture

  • Lease disputes

  • Trespass and nuisance

  • Enforcement of mortgages and charges

  • Appointing administrators

  • General commercial property advice

  • Representation in commercial property litigation.

  • Managing residential properties

  • Service of notices under the Housing Acts and the Landlord and Tenant Acts.

  • Planning  applications.

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