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Our Practice Areas

Pure Business Law Solicitors are a firm of specialist business and commercial solicitors. We operate principally on the basis of fixed fees. Based in Bedford, we also have a Central London office for your convenience. The clients who instruct us come from Bedford, Bedfordshire, London, throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.


If you need help or advice on any business or commercial law issue, please get in touch. Our expert team of solicitors can advise you on the full spectrum of business matters and our fixed fee offering.



We practice in the following areas:

Business & Commercial

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Our solicitors advise on a diverse range of business and commercial law issues at fixed fees including:

Managing a company - Shareholder agreements, Articles of association, contracts, Company Formation and many more

Business relationships - Partnership agreements, Distribution agreements, Service agreements and many more

Buying and selling a business - Share Purchase Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, Disclosure Letters and many more

Running an online business - Terms and Conditions, GDPR compliance, Terms of Business, Privacy policy and many more

Hiring & managing people - Senior employment contracts, Board Minutes, Non-executive director letter of appointment and many more

Buying and Selling Goods & Services - Terms of business, Terms and Conditions, Heads of terms, Letter of intent, Invoice, Purchase orders and many more


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Our solicitors advise on a diverse range of Employer and Employee employment law issues at fixed fees including:

Hiring an employee - Job descriptions, Employment Contracts, Offer letters, Staff Handbooks, Training manuals, Employee Induction and many more

Managing employee performance - Performance appraisals, Supervision sessions, Performance improvement plans, Capability procedures, Gross misconduct, Disciplinary hearings Termination of employment, Dismissal letters and many more

HR Policies - Data protection, Grievance, Redundancy, Equality and diversity and many more

Reorganisation & Redundany - Reorganisation, Redundancy, TUPE, Dismissal, Appeals and many more

Managing an employee - Performance appraisals, Change to employment terms, Working time directive, Probation, Grievances and many more 

Settlement agreements & references - Settlement Agreements and negotiations, ACAS, Tribunal hearings, References and many more

Commercial property

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Our solicitors advise on a diverse range of landlord and tenant matters; engage in property negotiations for clients buying, selling and developing commercial property, as well as a wide range of real estate matters:

Purchase and sale of commercial property 

Letting a commercial property - Lease agreement, Licences to Assign, Rent deposit agreement, licence for alterations, assignments, sub-leases and many more

Planning and development of commercial property - Construction agreements, contracts, planning and highways issues and many more

Managing licences - Licence to assign, Licence to sublet, Tenancy at will, licences and many more

Commercial notices - Section 25 Notice; Section 26 Notice; Licence for alterations; Break notice; s.146 Notice (Notice of breach); exclusion of security of tenure and many more


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Our solicitors advise on a diverse range of contentious litigation issues at fixed fees including:

Managing debt - Debt Management, Debt collection and many more

Managing employee performance - Capability, Misconduct, Suspension, Poor Performance, Disciplinary Procedures and many more

Landlord & Tenant Problems - Rent arrears, Dilapidations, Section 146 notices, Section 25 and 26 notices, Forfeiture of leases and many more

Breaches of contract - Contract disputes, Construction disputes and many more 

Issues with an employer - Termination of employment, ACAS negotiations, Dismissal and Resignation letter, Employer and employee negotiation and many more

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