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Business & Commercial Solicitors

Pure Business Law is committed to delivering high quality and timely legal services to our clients whether they are start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, employers’ and senior executives. As your solicitors, our role is to help solve your legal and commercial problems, protect your assets, assess your risks and leverage your positions. 

We offer help in the following areas:

  • Setting up a business

  • Raising capital for your business

  • Writing a business plan

  • Protecting your IP

  • Reviewing, advising & Negotiating IT & Technology Contracts

  • Advising on GDPR and Data Protection

  • Business Relationships

  • Buying and selling a business

  • Managing a company

  • Running an online business

  • Operating as a Sole Trader

  • Hiring & Managing people

  • Buying & Selling Goods & Services

  • Health & Safety

  • Negotiate an existing agreement

  • Recovering a debt

  • Debt management

  • Wills for Business Clients

Please see below for more details

Setting up a business

Our Business Solicitors can help with the drafting of bespoke articles of association, shareholder agreements, and the preparation of board minutes and resolutions : 


  • Business Review.

  • Business legal structures.

  • Company formation.

  • Funding options.

  • Investor agreements.

  • Service Agreements.

  • Articles of Association.

  • Board Resolutions.

  • EMI Schemes.

  • Board minutes.

  • Share certificate.

  • Shareholders Agreement.

  • Founders Agreement.

  • Shareholder powers.

  • Directors' duties and liabilities.

  • Property, employment and tax advice.

Raising capital for your business

Our Business and Commercial Solicitors can assist with securing corporate finance and capital raisings:


  • Raising capital - Legal options.     

  • Letter of Intent.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement/Confidentiality Letter. 

  • Share Subscription Agreement.

  • Investment Agreement.

  • SEIS Application.

  • EIS Application.

  • Deed of Adherence.

  • Filing Companies House Forms.

  • Loan agreement.

  • Promissory note.

  • Term Sheet.

  • Crowdfunding advice.

  • VC funding.

  • Angel investors


your IP

Our Intellectual Property Solicitors can assist you in protecting your intellectual property and enforcing your IP rights. We can advise on any potential claims and resolve disputes involving:

  • Non Disclosure Agreements.

  • Trademarks (UK, EU, US, China).

  • Patents (Worldwide).

  • IP Assignment Agreements.

  • Registering Designs.

  • Letters of confidentiality.

  • One-way confidentiality agreements.

  • Assignment of intellectual property.

  • Copyrights.

  • Cease and desist letters.

  • IP settlement agreements. 

Buying and selling a business

Our Commercial Solicitors have considerable experience in helping clients buy and sell businesses and can give you advice and support that you need with minimal stress. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Buying and selling shares.

  • Asset sales. 

  • Director/Shareholder issues and corporate governance.

  • Share option schemes and share buybacks.

  • Shareholder Agreements.

  • Buying and selling businesses and asset sales.

  • Consultancy Agreements.

  • Software as service agreements.

  • Joint Ventures.

  • Sale and Supply of goods and services.

  • Finance arrangements.

  • Franchise Agreements.

  • Management buy in (MBI) and Management buy outs (MBO). 

IT & Technology 

When technology is your main business asset, you need a law firm that understands how to blend legal and business strategies in your business’ best interests. Our lawyers know technology and know business and that makes our law firm a good partner for any business.


As IT and Technology solicitors we focus on internet business. 

Pure Business Law represents technology companies and other owners of intellectual property at every stage of business from start-ups to established businesses. 

We are experienced in:


  • Negotiating, advising on and drafting computer software and hardware licences and transfers.

  • Negotiating, advising on and drafting website branding and developing agreements, transfer and licensing agreements.

  • Negotiating, advising on and drafting service level agreements and other tech and IT contracts.

  • Drafting website terms and conditions, e- commerce contracts, privacy policies and disclaimers.

  • Intellectual property commercialisation. 

  • Trademark Litigation. 

Dispute resolution and Litigation

Our litigation solicitors work with you to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our specialisms are :

  • Commercial disputes.

  • Employee non-compete and Confidentiality.

  • Corporate and shareholder disputes.

  • Property dispute resolutions.

  • Technology disputes.

  • Construction disputes.

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Judicial review.

  • Professional negligence.

  • Debt recovery.

  • Insolvency.

  • Boardroom and Shareholder disputes.

  • Public procurement.

  • Freezing orders.

  • Injunctions.

  • Negotiation.

  • Mediation.

  • Arbitration.

  • Adjudication.

  • Data breach disputes.

  • Subject access requests including document review and redactions.

  • Data breach support including providing strategic advice and attending before the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO).

Buying & Selling Goods & Services

If you are a company that sells goods and services, having formal written information in place can assist in the event of a dispute. Standard terms and conditions used by other businesses may not cover your own business's ways of working. Our commercial law solicitors can assist you with:

  • Bespoke Terms and Conditions for sale of goods and supply of services to business customers.

  • Bespoke Terms and Conditions for sale of goods and supply of services to consumers.

  • Advice on the Consumer Rights Act 2015, consumer disputes and sales of goods and services.

  • Advice on Distance and doorstep selling rules.

  • Accepting returns and giving refunds.

  • Advice on Data Protection and your business.

  • Advice on Marketing/advertising.

  • Advice on Labelling products.

  • Late payment law.

  • Special rules for businesses that sell electronic and electrical goods. 


Shareholder and partner disputes

A dispute between business owners can be just as personal and as acrimonious as a divorce because it involves the breakdown of a relationship. Our commercial solicitors can assist in resolving corporate, shareholder and partnership disputes discreetly, quickly and appropriately to avoid unnecessary disruption in business.

  • Director misfeasance claims.

  • Conflicts of interest.

  • Management/personality conflicts.

  • Directors remuneration disputes.

  • Payment of Dividends.

  • Shareholder exits.

  • Impropriety or fraud allegations against directors, partners and LLP members.

  • Unfair prejudice claims and minority shareholders protection.

  • Claims against directors and or shareholders for breach of duty.

  • Company deadlock.

  • Business restructuring.

  • Partnership disputes involving doctors, accountants, solicitors and architects.

  • Secret profits claims (partnerships).

  • Post-dissolution partnership issues.

  • Defending derivative actions.

Operating as a Sole Trader

As a sole trader, you have many responsibilities, such as taking care of any debts and purchasing any stock or equipment you may need. Our Business Solicitors can help you with:

  • Advice on third party liabilities.

  • Risk management.

  • Personal guarantees.

  • Funding options.

  • Loans and facility agreements.

  • Debt recovery and Cashflow issues.

  • Property advice eg business leases.

  • Employment and tax issues.

  • Accountancy advice.

  • E-commerce advice.

  • Contract preparation at fixed fees eg consultancy agreements, terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policy.

  • Purchase orders.

  • Invoices.

Managing a company

Our Business and Commercial Solicitors can assist you with all aspects of company formation including:

  • Business structures and incorporation.

  • Contractual agreements-key issues in contracts.

  • Intellectual property issues - copyright, trademark and patents.

  • Company resolutions.

  • Shareholder meetings.

  • Directors duties.

  • Exit strategy.

  • Contract Review.

  • Property issues.

  • Director or Shareholder dispute.

  • Restructuring, Rescue and Insolvency advice.

  • Staff issues.

  • TUPE.

  • Legal Document Templates.

  • Legal Health Check.

Running an online business

Our Business Solicitors can make you both aware and compliant with your legal obligations running an online business:

  • Terms and Conditions.

  • Cookie Policy.

  • Terms of Business.

  • Commission Linking Agreement.

  • Consent Notices.

  • GDPR Compliance.

  • Terms and conditions for sale of goods to consumers via a website.

  • Terms and conditions for supply of services to consumers via a website.

  • Email footer and disclaimer.

  • Website terms and conditions.

  • Privacy policy.

Business Relationships

Our Business Solicitors can advise on a full range of commercial matters for businesses and are experienced in drafting:

  • Joint Venture Agreements.

  • Manufacturing Agreements.

  • Memoranda of Understanding.

  • Agency Agreements.

  • Referral Agreements.

  • Licensing Agreements.

  • End-User Licence Agreements.

  • Service Level Agreements.

  • Partnership agreements - general, limited and limited liability partnerships.

  • Dissolution of partnerships.

  • LLP agreements.

  • Distribution agreements.

  • Model release letters.

  • Sales agency agreements.

  • Sub-contracting agreements.

Writing a business plan

A business plan will give you clear goals, an idea of how to achieve them and is crucial for securing funding whether through investors, the bank, or a government scheme. 


Our Business Solicitors can help you draft your business plan. Your business plan should include:

  • An Executive summary - business snapshot.

  • Company summary - description of what you do.

  • Services or products you are offering

  • Market analysis - research on your industry, market, and competitors.

  • Business and management structure.

  • Marketing and sales strategy.

  • Funding request - the money you will need for the next 3 to 5 years.

  • Financial projections.

  • Appendix - optional section that includes resumes and licences.

GDPR and Data Protection

Complying with the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 can seem somewhat overwhelming. But fear not!


Pure Business Law has considerable experience in helping businesses navigate the sometimes choppy waters of Data Protection compliance.  Our clients range from high street retailers to construction companies. 


Our GDPR and Data Protection solicitors provide a wide range of data protection services which include:


  • Overseeing data audits to understand exactly what personal data you are processing and why – this is essential for creating accurate data protection records and privacy notices

  • Reviewing and drafting key data protection policies, procedures and precedents to ensure GDPR compliance

  • Advising on the handling of subject access requests including document reviews and redactions

  • Providing data breach support including providing strategic advice and attending before the Information Commissioner’s Office if required.

Hiring & Managing people

Our employment solicitors can help you with a range of legal, employment, staff, and restructuring requirements including:

  • Job descriptions.

  • Settlement Agreements.

  • Capability procedure advice.

  • Disciplinary and Grievance procedure advice.

  • Tupe and Redundancy advice.

  • Contracts of employment - permanent contracts, fixed-term zero hours, agency workers etc. 

  • Directors service agreements.

  • Consultancy Agreements.

  • Reviewing and drafting of Staff Handbooks, Policies and Procedures.

  • Employment Tribunal Claims.

  • Unfair dismissal and wrongful termination advice.

  • Discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimisation advice.

  • Agency workers advice. 

Health &


If you employ people, you will be expected to meet certain responsibilities under health and safety law:

  • Compliance with health and safety regulations

  • Ensuring appropriate risk management procedures are in place

  • Training on risk management, health and safety law updates and procedures, RIDDOR and directors' duties.

  How We Can Help

Our employment law solicitors can advise on compliance with health and safety regulations and provide training for business clients.


a debt

Overdue debts can cause serious cash-flow issues for your business. Our debt collection solicitors are experts in debt recovery.

  • Initial demand letter.

  • Final demand letter.

  • Letter of Claim/Pre-action protocol letter.

  • Issue of legal proceedings.

  • Small claims court.

  • Fast track claims.

  • MultI track claims.

  • County Court.

  • High Court.

  • Negotiation.

  • Mediation and Conciliation.

  • Arbitration.

  • Adjudication.

  • Statutory demands.

  • Winding up petition.

  • Bankruptcy.

  • Liquidation.

  • Enforcement of judgments.

Wills for Business Clients

As a business person it is essential to make a Will. Our Wills lawyers make it an easy process, not a difficult one.


Important points to remember:


Without a Will the law dictates how your assets are distributed. You want to make sure that your business is in good shape and the right people benefit from your Will.


If you have a family, you need to provide for them. Your Will would state who you want to appoint as your child or children’s guardian.  You would want to appoint someone you trust who can bring up your children and give them the right support love and guidance in the event of your untimely death.


Long Term Care Planning and Creation of Trusts – No problem! We can provide you with the services of expert lawyers to advise and guide you through the process.

From preparing your Will, advising on the terms of a Will, calculating inheritance tax, drafting powers of attorney, to protecting property interests and representing you in property and trust disputes– we have you covered.


Please see below our fixed fees (exclusive of VAT and disbursements):


Individual Wills (standard to complex): £250 - £950 

Mirror Wills (standard husband and wife): £400 - £1,000

Living Wills (standard): £250 - £750


Property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney:

  • Individual: £400

  • Couple (mirror LPA's): £700


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