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Dispute Resolution & Litigation Solicitors

Business disputes are a fact of business life. Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors are here to help you resolve your disputes. For us litigation is always a last resort. We will help you explore other cheaper and more reasonable options before recommending litigation. Why go to court if you can avoid it?

Our dispute resolution lawyers offer advice and guidance in:

  • Debt Recovery

  • Landlord and tenant problems/Property disputes

  • Employment disputes

  • Breaches of contract

  • Consumer disputes

  • Property disputes

  • Construction disputes

  • Professional negligence

  • Shareholder and Partnership disputes

  • Technology contract disputes

  • Trademark disputes

  • Copyright disputes

  • Patent disputes

  • IP disputes

  • Subject access disputes

  • Data breach disputes


Debt recovery

Our specialist debt recovery solicitors are experienced in resolving different types of debt disputes. Most of our cases settle out of court thereby helping you avoid litigation and high legal bills. Our solicitors can assist you with:

  • Initial telephone calls to the debtor(s).

  • Negotiating a settlement.

  • Preparing the initial letter of claim.

  • Preparing a pre-action protocol letter.

  • Issuing legal proceedings.

  • Attending court and obtaining judgments.

  • Enforcement of the judgment – via the bailiffs.

  • Mediation/Conciliation.

  • Arbitration.

  • Adjudication.

Employment disputes

Your relationship with your employees is vital to the success of your business. Our employment solicitors can assist you with managing the legal side of this relationship. We can advise on single issues or work with you on a long-term retainer basis. We can help you:

  • Train your managers on common employment law issues.

  • Comply with the latest employment legislation.

  • Prevent and resolve employment disputes.

  • Prepare for disciplinary and grievance hearings.

  • Prepare for appeals.

  • Negotiate settlement agreements with your employees.

  • Implement a fair process for variation of contracts.

  • Prepare for employment tribunals.

  • Protect your confidential information.

  • Gross misconduct.

  • Stop ex-employees poaching your customers and employees thereby reducing the risk of leavers damaging your business.

  • Advise you on self-employment, contractors and agency workers.

  • Draft, review or update your contracts, staff handbook and policies and procedures.

  • Bring skilled workers into your business from outside the United Kingdom.

  • Advise you on restructuring and redundancy.

  • Carry out collective redundancy consultations and navigate the TUPE regulations.

  • Advise you on terminating employment, settlement agreements and restrictive covenants.

  • Manage your relationship with trade unions.

  • Manage your equality and diversity requirements.

  • Advise you on Health and Safety.

Consumer Disputes

If you have received a faulty product, poor service, had problems with contracts or had problems with rogue traders or tradesmen providing a sub-standard service,talk to Pure Business Law. Our consumer dispute solicitors are experienced in resolving different types of consumer disputes, most of which have settled out of court.

How can I enforce my Consumer rights?

As a customer you have several rights under the Consumer protection legislation, the Sale of Goods Act, Product liability, the Consumer Credit Act and the Distance selling regulations.

If you are not happy with a service you have received, or you have purchased a faulty item you should first follow the business’s complaints procedure. The business may resolve the matter by:

  • Providing you with a replacement

  • Fixing the faulty product

  • Improving a bad service

  • Issuing you a refund.

If you are not happy with their response contact our consumer dispute solicitors. We can explain the options available and advise you on the best way to resolve your dispute. We deal with:

  • Car Finance disputes

  • Builder disputes

  • Hire purchase agreements

  • Defective products

  • Distance selling

  • Consumer credit

  • Finance fraud

  • Car repossessions

  • Car finance disputes

  • Holiday and travel claims

  • Substandard service

  • Product liability

  • Consumer protection

  • Consumer Rights

  • Sale of goods

  • Consumer credit

Landlord & Tenant 


Disputes between tenants and landlords can arise for a number of reasons and can escalate quickly. Getting legal advice and knowing your rights could help avoid legal action. 


Our commercial property dispute lawyers can assist you with:

  • Possession of commercial property and  Buy to let properties .

  • Rent recovery for assured shorthold tenancies,  protected Rent Act tenancies and service of sections 8 and 21 Housing Act 1988 notices.

  • Deposit disputes.

  • Service of section 25 and section 26 notices.

  • Service of section 146 LPA notices.

  • Break clause notices.

  • Forfeiture of leases (including possession proceedings).

  • Dilapidation claims.

  • Rent review and Service charge disputes.

  • Disrepair claims.

  • Boundary disputes.

  • Recovery of premises from squatters or unlawful occupiers.

  • Planning permission disputes.

  • Mortgage disputes.


of contract

Our contract and dispute resolution solicitors have experience in dealing with claims of breach of contract including but not restricted to the following:

  • Supply or purchase of goods and services.

  • Agency, distribution and franchise agreements.

  • Credit agreements.

  • Commercial property agreements.

  • Construction dispute claims.

  • Product liability claims.

  • Boardroom bust-up claims.

  • Intellectual property agreements.

  • Consultancy agreements.

  • Distribution agreements.

  • Warranty and indemnity agreements.

  • Licensing agreements.

  • Partnership agreements.

  • Employment contracts.

  • Professional negligence.

  • Trade finance.

  • Building and construction agreements.

  • Research and collaboration agreements.

  • Online contracts.

Building and Construction disputes

Our construction solicitors are experts in managing construction contract disputes from inception to conclusion.

We act for contractors, specialist trade contractors and sub-contractors, developers, architects, engineers, surveyors, project managers, consultants and suppliers of labour, plant and materials.

We advise on:

  • Damages claims against negligent contractors

  • Claims against builders for sub-standard building work or defective workmanship

  • Professional negligence claims against surveyors, architects and other professionals in relation to the certified completion of works

  • Claims involving defective materials

  • Claims for extension of time or variations

  • Constructions dispute advice including adjudication, conciliation, mediation, arbitration and adjudication where possible to avoid expensive litigation

  • Incompetent building work

  • Failure to follow planning or building control requirements

  • Failure to follow a building specification

  • Claims by contractors for losses caused by delayed or disrupted work

  • Claims by contractors and professional consultants for unpaid fees

  • Recovery of unpaid retention payments and unpaid debts

  • Planning disputes and advice on appealing planning permission rejections.

  • Advice on public private partnership (PPP) scheme disputes

  • Enforcing the adjudicator’s decisions


If you have a dispute with a cowboy builder or other construction professional, call us today for a free initial assessment of your case. 

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