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Business Interruption Insurance

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

As part of your business continuity review you should check your insurance policies to see whether you have some insurance to cover losses arising from certain types of business interruption (eg BI insurance) or the death or incapacity of key personnel (eg keyman insurance).

Many BI insurance policies do not generally cover disruption caused by pandemic crisis or interruption. If you do not have any insurance cover for the pandemic and cannot rely on any of the other force majeure events be proactive and ensure that you take out pandemic cover when renewing your policy. Your premium may increase but the gains from obtaining this insurance will cover any premium increases.

Specialist Business and Commercial Solicitors

If you require advice on the current Coronavirus situation and how this will impact you and your business, please contact us. We are specialist Business and Commercial Solicitors based in Bedford and operate nationally.

If you would like to talk through the consequences for you, call our Coronavirus Helpline on 01234 938089 or e-mail us at and one of our Helpline team member will be in touch.

Pure Business Law is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is a licensed member of the Law Society of England & Wales.

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