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Construction, Planning and Local Government

Construction and Projects


Construction and Projects?  Buildings and utilities? If you are looking for good advice you have come to the right place.


Embarking on a Construction project can be a complicated affair. You want to get on with the project, but you have numerous procedural and compliance issues that must be dealt with.


We know what we are talking about.  


Pure Business Law (The Entrepreneur’s Law Firm) is a sector expert. We have worked with construction leaders from developers, funders, consultants, contractors, suppliers and buyers.


How Pure Business Law can help


We take the time to understand YOU and YOUR REQUIREMENTS. We cover all bases. From framework agreements, confidentiality agreements, building contracts, project finance, contract negotiation, contract drafting, supply chain and distribution contracts, warranties to novation, manufacturing and supplier agreements, joint venture agreements and contractor to sub-contractor contracts, we have got you covered!


Planning and Local Government


Do you require planning permission? We have got that covered too. Pure Business Law has lawyers specialising in Property, Planning and Highways who know the planning world and are adept at navigating through the laws, policies and regulations.  Our specialist planning lawyer offers expert planning and highways advice to individuals, developers, landowners, objectors, local planning and highway authorities.


Whether your project is a large development, a mixed-use scheme, a commercial site or a small housing development, our Planning and Highways expert can guide you through every stage of the planning process.


We are with you all the way!


We can support you through a project’s life cycle – from obtaining planning permission, obtaining funding, drafting contracts, listed building issues, highways, rights of way, and enforcement issues to preventing or managing disputes.


Got a question?


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Pure Business Law - GIVING YOU THE EDGE!

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