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Intellectual Property

Where there’s competition, protection of your Intellectual Property is an essential component of a modern business plan. You are what you create! Have you had the "lightbulb" moment? Are you aware of the risks that you are facing if you fail to protect your ideas, inventions or creations?


Prevention is better than cure! Get it right first time! Whether you are a start-up, a seasoned or fast-growth entrepreneur or business, you need to protect your ideas, inventions and creations.


Pure Business Law has a team of experts who can help you protect your intellectual assets.  






Many of the world’s largest companies have built their success on their ideas and inventions. Walt Disney’s, Google, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Clarks, McDonalds and Burger King are all examples of successful companies that have risen to the top based on the founder’s ideas and/or inventions. But they did not do it unsecured. Their success is based on their well-protected IP portfolios.


If your brand, idea or creation adds value to your business, it should be properly registered and protected. Trademarks, copyright and designs have unique rules, time limits and registration processes for adding protection.


As an owner of intellectual property, you represent one of the fastest-growing sectors of a world economy. As lawyers who represent businesses and the business interests of individuals, we understand your unique needs and objectives related to intellectual property and business strategy generally. You also need a law firm that is able to successfully prosecute claims through litigation and other means when intellectual property assets are being challenged.


Pure Business Law has experts who can advise you and help with protecting your idea, concept, invention or creation. Having personally been on the receiving end of “cease and desist” letters and having advised clients on how to deal with such letters and assisted clients in protecting their ideas and inventions, we have substantial knowledge and expertise in Intellectual Property.


Pure Business Law can assist you with protecting your intellectual property and with the enforcement of your IP rights. We can also monitor new registrations and inform you of potential infringements.


We can also advise on any potential claim that you may have and the most appropriate means of resolving the dispute.


Our expertise covers trademarks, patents, non-disclosure agreements, trade secrets, copyrights, domain name disputes, protection and enforcement of IP rights.



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