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Wills & Probate



As a business person it is essential to make a Will. Our lawyers make it an easy process, not a difficult one.


Important points to remember:


Without a Will the law dictates how your assets are distributed. You want to make sure that your business is in good shape and the right people benefit from your Will.


If you have a family, you need to provide for them. Your Will would state who you want to appoint as your child or children’s guardian.  You would want to appoint someone you trust who can bring up your children and give them the right support love and guidance in the event of your untimely death.


Long Term Care Planning and Creation of Trusts – No problem! We can provide you with the services of expert lawyers to advise and guide you through the process.

From preparing your Will, advising on the terms of a Will, calculating inheritance tax, drafting powers of attorney, to protecting property interests and representing you in property and trust disputes– we have you covered.


Please see below our fixed fees (exclusive of VAT and disbursements):


Individual Wills (standard): £190 

Mirror Wills (standard husband and wife): £400

Living Wills (standard): £175

Property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney:

  • Individual: £350

  • Couple (mirror LPA's): £600




We are here to help you at this difficult time.


Pure Business Law can offer you the support and advice you need, during the probate and estate administration process. 


We can offer a bespoke probate service from obtaining the grant of probate to dealing with every aspect of estate administration as we understand that your situation is unique and will tailor our advice to your specific needs.


We will advise you on:


  • How to claim applicable exemptions and allowances

  • avoiding the payment of unnecessary inheritance tax

  • ways to minimise capital gains tax

  • ways to reduce tax for the Estate and for the Beneficiaries


The estimated costs of Probate is very difficult to predict as it depends on the circumstances of the deceased. An example of this is, where there is a valid Will in place, the following questions need to be addressed:


  • Did the deceased die without a Will?

  • Are the beneficiaries easily determined?

  • The size of the estate; and

  • The types of assets in the estate. 


Please see below our fixed fees (exclusive of VAT and disbursements):


Grant ONLY: £900 - £1400


Pure Business are able to assist you in obtaining the Grant of Representation to the estate solely. To enable us to do this, we will require you to provide us with all the relevant information, including details of the assets and liabilities of the Estate at the date of the death. This would allow us to prepare the Probate Application papers. 


Full Administration (uncontested and not disputed):


Simple Estate: £2850 - £5000


Medium Estate: £3500 - £6000


Complex Estate: £6500 - £15,000


For contested and disputed Estates, please see our hourly rates. 


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